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Monday, July 8, 2013

Secara sembunyi

Hi guys. Wow its been 2 years since my last post. I left this blog too long. :(  Im in computer lab right now and my lecturer is teaching in front about blog. Sadly i dont remember my other blog link and informations which i create 'spesel' for CSC. Hahaha. Knowww, im not a good student. So while people busy customize their blog, i cuma mampu spent my time here. /meratapi/

So what should i write to you all? Hmmmm. Let me tell you the current situation in the lab. Ok my lecturer, Madam Azyan is wearing pink tudung bawal with pinkish chocolaty baju kurung is talking posting a blog post. She asked us to post 10 of it including our biodata. Thanks to a classmate, madam cakap 5 jelah. hehe. Classmates semua busy oh dengan blog baru mereka. hahaha. Ok dua perenggan ni took almost 2 hours because madam love wanders at my sit. Gotta show my ninja skill tukar tab. Haiyyakkk!

Btw 5 posts saya dah siap pun lol. But i posted at my second blog. *banyak blog macam kuda, bukan artis pun.* Maka dengan ini, saya sign out. Bye.

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